Profilon® Security Laminate

Profilon® Security Laminate​

Profilon®: Born out of necessity, perfected in its manufacture and proven to be the world’s strongest window security laminate.

Profilon®: is a trademark that has since its inception in 1978, continued as the world’s leading glass security film.

With the increasing levels of burglary, smash and grab, hi-jacking and robbery in most part of the world over the past decade, the idea was born to source the best product available to give people and property the best chance of surviving such an attack as well as protecting life and property.

Profilon®: comes in basic smash and grab security film through to heavy duty bullet and bomb resistant security film, with tint range of Clear, Light (50%) tint and Dark (65%) tint.

Profilon® has saved lives and protected property in explosions, fires, hurricanes and reduced losses from flying glass and window collapse, petrol bombs, bomb blasts, firearms, thrown objects, smash and grab attacks, vandalism, civil disturbances, terrorist attacks and prevention of burglary attempts.

Product Range

DC 375 — A triple layer ultra-Smash & Grab blast and firearms bullet resistant laminate when applied to 6mm or thicker glass. It provides extremely good protection and affords a bullet resistant product.

DC 475 — This is a highly flexible, 4-ply security film with impact and explosion resistant properties designed to absorb the maximum area pressure as built up by a shock wave. Profilon® ER1 is hardly flammable in conformity with DIN 4102-1 class B1.

DC 575 — The DC 575 is a multi-layer ultra-security laminate with protection about twice that of our already proven DC 375 security laminate, able to resist three times an impact of a steel ball with 4.11 kilos from a height of 6 meters. This has never been achieved by a film.

Characteristics of Profilon®

Adhesive Property:
Temperature Range:
UV Absorption:
Melting Point:

Acrylic basis
Transparent or Tint
(-75⁰C to 220⁰C)
 99% (300 – 380nm)
10 years

Saves Lives from:

  • Firearms
  • Explosions
  • Smash and grab attack
  • Vandalism & Flying objects
  • Civil disturbance
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Burglary attempts
  • Fire
  • Flying glass
  • Shrapnel’s
  • Petrol bombs
  • Bomb blasts

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