We Offer

Quality – a non-negotiable

For DDM quality is non-negotiable. As we provide our services together with relevant support services on the customer's premises on a daily basis, in essence we become a true extension of our customers' business. Thus, we adhere to the stipulations of our customer's Quality Management System (QMS) that includes health and safety regulations as tabled under the Occupational Health & Safety Act. We ensure that our staff is fully informed and trained in the QMS requirements relevant to their environment, including that of ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

The safety of our staff as well as customers' employees and their clients in the workplace is of utmost importance. Our employees are professionally uniformed and clearly identifiable. They are equipped with cleaning and industrial workwear, PPE and protective clothing, safety gear and cleaning equipment relevant to operational demands.

The cleaning products and chemicals used by DDM are all SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) approved. Our staff are also trained in the use and application of hazardous products.

We continuously look for opportunities to improve our performance through quality service and build a culture of uncompromising commitment to service excellence


Optimise Productivity through Proper Training

Our specialised service staff are well trained in all aspects and techniques in the use of equipment as well as the relevant methods required in their working environments. In addition to general training in appropriate and best working practices, DDM conducts onsite training, ensuring that staff obtain full knowledge and understanding of the customer's specific workplace requirements.

We believe that on-going training and skills development is critical to continuously enhance our service offering to the benefit of our customers' business. As part of our Training and Skills Development programme, we incorporate refresher courses, specialised cleaning workshops, skills development in repair and building maintenance and well as security management. In addition, we also provide on-job training and mentoring. We further empower our workforce by identifying opportunities for growth where employees can broaden their skills sets through further specialised training. DDM conducts regular performance reviews in consultation with customers where they are placed.

We make use of the most appropriate equipment available and with proper training, we optimise productivity levels. In case a piece of equipment should fail during operation, we either have the skill to repair it on site which is done as quickly as possible, or we arrange that it is collected and replaced within the shortest time.